Premium Escorts Are Worth Every Penny

Always Opt For a High Class Girl

The next time you hire an escort, do so through a top London agency like Dolls and Roses.

Everyone knows the expression you get what you pay for. Well, thats especially true when it comes to hiring an escort. Youll find many different kinds of escort in London, from girls working independently to those represented by premium agencies. As any self-respecting London gentleman will tell you, the premium escorts in London are always the ones to go for. You can find the best high class escorts at Dolls and Roses. Still need a little convincing before you splash out? Heres what keeps men coming back to this elite London escort agency.

Safety guaranteed

Premium escorts are a much safer option. When you hire an independent escort, you have no idea what she has been up to with her other clients. When you hire an escort through a trusted agency like Dolls and Roses, your escort will have been working within strict guidelines. So your health or safety wont be put at risk at all and you can take comfort in the fact your escort is happy and healthy too.

Experienced in the art of seduction

Premium escorts are highly skilled and experienced. So when you hire one for an intimate encounter in the capital, you can be sure that youre in for a great time. A good escort will do what you ask her to, but a great escort will go above and beyond. Thats what sets premium escorts apart. They wont rest until you are totally satisfied, and theyll be open to your suggestions too.

Far from just pretty faces

Premium escorts are highly educated, and will wow you with their quick wit and intelligence. These ladies have travelled the world and mixed with the great and good of London society. So they will feel at home whether youre at an important event or relaxing in your five star London hotel. Premium escorts are often multilingual too, which makes them a great option for men visiting London from abroad.

Elegant and classy

High class escorts are always dressed to impress, and are the epitome of elegance. They love to shop at the best designer boutiques in London, and take looking good for their clients very seriously indeed. So you can be sure that she will be impeccably turned out, and wont wear anything thats overly tacky or revealing.

Extremely professional

It wont come as a great surprise to learn that premium escorts are always more professional too. Chances are you dont want the details of your love life becoming public knowledge. Well with a high class escort they wont. They will always respect your desire for privacy, and will never do anything to cause you any public embarrassment. They will always arrive at and leave your chosen location discreetly too, whether thats your home or a London hotel.

You deserve the best

If you see an escort promising you an incredible night for a very low fee, its probably too good to be true. When you splash out on a premium escort from Dolls and Roses, you can be sure from the word go that youll receive an outstanding service. So will you treat yourself to an evening with one of the most desirable women in the capital?

The Difference Between a High-Class Escort and a Regular Escort

High class escorts vs. regular escorts, sounds like a good title for a porn film right?

What’s the difference between a high-class escort and a regular escort?

Escorts around the world vary, just like all of us! But at the same time the prices for using the services of an escort vary as well.

So what do you choose? A high class escort or a regular one? What is the difference?

Here we will list some of the differences, these of course do vary from escort to escort, agency to agency and indeed country to country. But in the main this article will hopefully go some way to give you a general understanding of what, if any, the differences are.


Booking time

Most regular escorts, allow you to book for a minimum of one hour, sometimes independent escorts will offer 30 minute “quickie” sessions, however a high class escort, be it independent or through an agency will only accept a minimum 2 hour booking, the longer the time the better the experience.

Also regular escorts may be available at any time, night or day, and usually at very short notice, often having many appointments with clients during the day / night.

Whereas high class escorts prefer bookings to be made several hours in advance, sometimes even several days. And often they only have one booking per night.



Regular escort agencies charge anywhere from $75 USD per hour up to $200 USD per hour, depending on the escort, and your requirements. High class escorts are priced anywhere from $300 USD per hour upwards, some escorts earn serious money!


Available information

When choosing a high class escort, you usually get far more information about the actual escorts themselves, their personality and interests (both sexual and non), for example, this helps you in choosing the right one for you, whereas with a regular escort agency the majority of the information on the escorts available is normally limited to what sexual services they offer.

Also with high class escorts, the photos they show in their bios are usually professionally shot and higher quality.


Things that are off limits and what do they offer?

Regular escorts will usually indicate in their bio what services they offer, with passionate kissing rarely allowed, they tend to concentrate on just sex.

If you are after a “proper girlfriend” experience then high class escorts are the choice for you, as usually they offer flirting, foreplay, kissing and of course – sex. As always research your escort to find out what services they do offer.

Of course regular escorts do offer longer bookings that involve things other then sex, but you may find that this is not something that will offer in the main as the fees they can charge are lower, with high class escorts they usually offer, and enjoy the companionship side of things as well as sex,  dinner dates, a night at the theatre etc. Sometimes you will find that their fees are lower these elements are part of the experience.