Gay Men Reminded Not To Drive After Taking Poppers

Be Safe While You Have Fun

Poppers are a really popular way of unwinding and having fun, but they should never be taken if youre driving.

So many men gay men enjoy poppers, whether thats for the instantaneous highs that they offer or their more naughty side effects. With so many guys enjoying them though, there comes some less than responsible usage. If youve ever been tempted to drive after taking poppers, you certainly wouldnt be the first. As youll soon find out though, you should leave your car on the drive and call a taxi.

About poppers

Lets remind ourselves of the effects of poppers. Youll experience that well known high, where your heart starts to beat faster and you feel that warm rush of blood spread all over your body. Many men describe these effects as euphoric, and you really do feel on top of the world. Poppers affect your blood pressure, lowering it and expanding your blood vessels. So thats why you feel so blissed out and relaxed. However, just like all fun things, there can be some other effects. Just like you would be after enjoying a few drinks, poppers can make you a little uncoordinated. Obviously, you wouldnt want to take something that can have that effect before you drive.

Dont take a chance

Its a good idea to treat taking poppers the same as you would drinking alcohol. If you know that you are going to be having some fun with poppers, then leave your car at home until the next day. Everyone reacts differently to poppers, and theres no telling how long the effects will last. Anything can affect the duration of the effects of poppers, including how much youve indulged in, your size/weight, how much youve eaten beforehand and any other things you might be enjoying alongside them, such as alcohol. Theres no reason why healthy guys cant take poppers every so often, but to enjoy with complete peace of mind, get a cab home at the end of the night.

Stay in and have some fun

Many men choose to use poppers in the comfort of their home or hotel room. Being somewhere where you stay the night means that you wont be tempted to drive home at the end of the night in the first place. After all, you may start off the night with no intention of driving, but an evening or drinking and partying can make us do silly things! So to be extra safe, take them while youre enjoying a night in. If youre with a partner, then you can both experiment together. Poppers have lots of pleasant effects in the bedroom, such as harder erections, relaxed muscles (great for anal sex) and longer orgasms. So who needs to go out?!

Shop safe

If youre going to take poppers safely, its important to buy them from a store that you trust too. Popper Super Shop are the number one place to buy poppers online in the UK, and its there that youll find the biggest choice of products. Their poppers are of the highest quality, so youll be able to enjoy them much more safely as well as experiencing better effects. So remember shop wisely, and never take poppers and drive!